Street Art: Belgium

11 Jul

Mon amour et moi spent this past weekend in Belgium.  We adore Belgium.  It’s much cheaper than France, and people are much friendlier (sorry, but it’s true..).  We also appreciate the traditional Dutch architecture.  One thing I noticed, though, was how much of an outdoor art scene there was – and this is only a few of the many scenes we enjoyed!

There were a number of walls throughout the Marolles neighborhood of Brussels in this style, which resembles the famous Belgian Tintin cartoons.

I think it's the 'big cats' that I like so much in this one. And the pseudo-Chinese-propaganda posters.

Strange, but rather lovely.



Call it 'corporate graffiti.'

An impressive showing in the historic city of Ghent.

The artwork continues through the entire tunnel. Because how many historically-preserved walls does a city really need?

I actually saw this in Paris' Saint-Germain neighborhood last week and couldn't resist including it.

À bientôt,



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