a wearable Yoox wishlist

23 Dec

First of all, sorry for the lapse in posts – my internet in Paris wasn’t working, then I was traveling, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, since living in France, I’ve started checking out Yoox.com often (maybe it’s more ‘top of mind’ because the company is European?).  It’s got an astounding collection, and as I’ve been monitoring it recently, I put together a little holiday wish list of my own.  Check it out:

Marzio Fiorini's rubber necklace. also in red. (on sale! $85, 60€)

paper(!!) earrings from Atelier VM ($69, 52€ )

Sveva's soft leather and aluminum tasselled necklace ($393, 296€)

Daniela Farah metal and rhinestone earrings ($312, 200€)

brass and enamel necklace by Coliàc Martina Grasselli ($662, 500€)

one-of-a-kind cornelian, copper and cubic zirconium ring from Fabio Cammarata C. 53. only ships to Europe. (190€)

an art deco look in silver and Swarovski crystal from Luxury Fashion ($552, 416€)

an unsigned vintage metal and stone stunner. only ships to Europe. (320€)

Assad Mounser's metal, agate and jasper bracelet. only ships to Europe. (271€)

La Hormiga resin earrings. available in other color combinations. ($156, 101€)

Can’t wait to see what’s under the tree for me!

Happy Holiday Friday!!

À bientôt,


all photos: yoox.com


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