Check it out: Buy Some Damn Art

6 Jun

I’m a lover of original art – if you have any questions about that, see my post about buying original art.  So, I am always on the lookout for great new artists and places to buy their art that are within my (small) budget.  No Picassos here.  (Yet?!)

I was thrilled to come across a site that’s name perfectly encapsulates what I believe: Buy Some Damn Art (BSDA).  The site features the work of five rising talents at a time, with a new artist introduced every Tuesday.  A small sampling of this week’s works:

original art

Lake Ridge” acrylic, ink and gouache by Cathy McMurray. $225 at Buy Some Damn Art.

original art by Lauren Bahr

“No.1” hand-dyed twine on wooden frame by Lauren Bahr. $350 at Buy Some Damn Art.

“405” by Michelle Fleck at BSDA.  acrylic and aerosol on wood by Michelle Fleck. $450.

At these prices, there’s no excuse: BUY SOME DAMN ART!!

À demain,



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