Monmouth Plantation: 3 Reasons to Hit the Bar

26 Jun

A few weeks ago when my boyfriend and I were traveling in Mississippi, we spent a night at Monmouth Plantation in Natchez.  Our stay in the historic home, a National Historic Landmark, was delightful.  Monmouth was built in 1818 by General Quitman, a civil war general, as his family’s city residence.  In other words, it’s where his wife and children (and their servants) lived, while General Quitman himself was off at war or managing his cotton plantations across the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

The house and grounds are no longer owned by the Quitman family, but are operated as a hotel, fine restaurant and event space.  Perhaps my favorite part of the residence was General Quitman’s Study, the current location of the Bar at Monmouth Plantation.

Here are my favorite things about the bar, located in what was Quitman’s Study:

{#3 – original feathering on the fireplace}

“Feathering”, a technique which is hundreds of years old, was used to create the finish on General Quitman’s fireplace, where the blobs of beige-y material is spread gently through the dark marble.  The fireplace is the original from the early 1800s.



{#2 – Being surrounded in SouthernVictorian-era splendor}




{#1 – Mint Juleps in silver Julep cups}



If you fancy a visit to another era, I highly recommend a stay at Monmouth Plantation!

À demain,



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