Taking ANOTHER Break: Break-fast

7 Aug

I know that’s a silly blog title, but seriously, I’ve been taking a break from more than just blogging.  This weekend I ignored my normal fairly healthy diet.  We were up at the cabin again, so we felt compelled to have a big Sunday brunch at Viddles & Joe, the local “Northwoods” (Minnesota’s northern woods, that is) diner.

{Breakfast #10: 2 blueberry pancakes + 2 poached eggs = $7.99}


Just to clarify, the eggs are in the little cup in the upper-right-hand part of the plate.  The other gigantic white mass – on the plate – is butter!  Yes, I scraped that glob off of the pancakes before I dug in.

Late that afternoon, I went for a run.  Or tried to.  Digestive issues stopped me after a mile and a half.  The heat didn’t help, nor did the Baked Cheetos I snacked on.    After an evening of painful cramps, I’m back on the wagon and eating (somewhat) healthy.  Until next weekend ; )

À bientôt,



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