Easy Summer Dress-ing

14 Aug

My assignment today: find an “easy, late-summer dress”.  In other words, a dress that’s casual enough to wear without make-up and without frills – no belts, special bras, etc.  I consider “easy” to be “easy on the wallet”, too – inexpensive to purchase and to maintain (i.e. no “dry clean only”!).

I’ve noticed lots of bold, well-designed pieces from Asos.com, and I know they have good prices, so I decided to check it out.  (Note: I have no promotional relationship with Asos.com.)

Here are my Top 5 picks (all under $150!):

Looks easy, breezy. (Camo Print Sheer Dress by ASOS REVIVE)

Fun and colorful! (Tapestry Print Body Conscious Dress by Lipsy)

Almost too dressy to go without makeup in, but in cotton. (Tulip Cotton Dress by Oasis)

Bold & easy. (Tribal Circle Print Body Con Dress by River Island)

Loose & open – perfect for a steamy August day! (Wrap Dress with Belt by Warehouse.)

À bientôt,



2 Responses to “Easy Summer Dress-ing”

  1. Jackie November 18, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    nice dresses

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