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Pic of the Day: DIY Jewelry Box at Anthropologie

28 Jun

Cruising through Anthropologie recently, I came across this very cool jewelry holder.  It was part of a display, and wasn’t for sale, but I thought maybe I could make my own.  Although I haven’t tried yet.

This quirky case was made by gluing 5 different drawers of varying sizes, finishing them with different materials, and placing a unique handle on each.


I’m sorry for the bad quality of the photo.  I took it with my iPhone, trying to be incognito because most retail establishments don’t allow photos.  So clearly the image quality suffered.  But at least you get the gist of it.

I’m still planning to make my own version.  Sometime.


À demain,




Book some more ideas

15 Mar

Wouldn’t you know it?  No sooner did I post Tuesday’s blog than I wandered into J.Crew and found yet another use books…

clever. and very poetic, actually.

Then, while cruising “occasional sales” (more on in a future post) here in the far suburbs of Minneapolis, I came across a few other variations:

SPRAYPAINTED (don't look, Dad!) and tied up at The Bee Cottage.

Giving a book the attention it deserves.

I've seen this at many vintage/occasional/junk/antique stores lately - book pages (or newspaper) as wallpaper.

Then, I was reading through Flea Market Style magazine (Summer 2012 edition) and came across a piece on Lisa Occhipinti, who had her book The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life (2011; Abrams).  She also sells some of her work at

Jennifer, author of The Repurposed Library, featured in the current Flea Market Style.


Who knew there was so much going on in the world of repurposing in general, and repurposing books specifically?!  Well, maybe everyone knew but me.  Having just moved back from Europe after a couple of years there, these are totally new trends to me.  Europeans, or at least the French, are into antiques, vintage and collecting, but they’re not particularly into “crafty” stuff, like re-working something.

Although I love the creativity here, I have to admit, I’m still a bit too traditional for all of this.  I just read my books and store them on bookcase shelves.  So boring.

À bientôt,


project of the month: storage bar

7 Jan

Shortly after we moved into our unfurnished Paris apartment, we found that we were spending a TON of money furnishing it – and that was just buying the basics at Ikea!  After our couch was delivered, I ended up hanging on to the box it came in order to use it as a spacial model for appliances we would need in the kitchen (like a refrigerator).

After about a month, we realized that we may not be long for Paris, and decided not to furnish the kitchen (Yep, we’re still using my boyfriend’s tiny dorm fridge.)  But we still had the box.  I had a brainstorm one afternoon and decided that I could repurpose it.  Check it out:


Step 1: Find a big box.  (Ours was from the Ikea Ektorp 2-seater couch.)


Step 2:  Position the box so that it best fits your space.

Step 3: Outline where the hole(s) on the front panel will be.  Obviously, the holes should be large enough so that you can get your things inside.  Two warnings: 1) Don’t cut through the top or bottom of the box.  In other words, there should be a “lip” above and below the holes in the box.  2) Make sure that no hole is larger than 50% of the total surface area of the front of the box and that all of the holes together do not take up more than 75% of the front panel.  If there isn’t enough of the front of the box intact, the items on top of the “bar” will cause the whole thing to collapse!

Step 4: Cut the hole (or holes).



Step 5: Begin placing your items in the storage area.



Step 6: Reinforce the top of the bar.  For extra support, and a smooth surface on top, I used several pieces of poster board cut to be the same size the top.

Step 7: Cover the box.  Find a textile large enough to fit the front, sides and top of box and pop it on!

Note: Because the bar is made of cardboard, you will not be able to place heavy objects on top!

And before I unveil the finished product, here’s the accounting for this project:

cardboard box: free

poster board for reinforcement: $5

sheet to cover box:  $15

= $20  –  for a piece of furniture (almost 7 feet across and 2 feet deep) with visible and hidden storage! 


not great lighting, but you get the idea!

Hope this inspires ; )

À demain,


packin’ up

30 Nov

What is the deal with our obsession with stacked vintage suitcases and steamer trunks?  You see it all the time, but it never gets old, does it?

a blurry pic taken at a second-hand shop in Belgium

at an antiques show in Paris

checking one out at a flea market in Paris

à la Louis Vuitton

a lovely LV display from

A friend recently told me about an idea she had seen on Designsponge this past spring, where they converted a vintage suitcase into a coffee table.  (See it here.)  She said she was going to give it a try!

As for me, I haven’t yet found my perfect vintage trunk, so I’ll keep looking….

Alors, à bientôt,


crafty project of the month: décopatch jewelry stands

18 Nov

I’ve taken a bit of a break from arts & crafts, but the other day, I decided that my beige paper-mâché jewelry stands were just too boring.  I had some Décopatch supplies from a project last year (I ‘made’ my boyfriend a Scottie dog for Christmas in lieu of giving him a real dog), so I pulled them out and got to work.

my supplies: Décopatch glue and a brush for applying it.

my small but bright Décopatch paper collection.

I accidentally erased the "before" picture of the jewelry stands, but here's a mid-project shot.


pink, pink and pink!

yes, i own several large fabric necklaces, two with flowers along the side.

a mélange: there's a lot going on here, but that's my style.

I hope this has the wheels turning in your head ; )  Take some time this weekend to do something creative!

À bientôt,


Project of the Month: Picture frame jewelry display

5 Aug

It’s Friday!  So as we head into the weekend (free time!), I thought I’d show you my latest creation.  I’m not super crafty, but occasionally I turn out a project or two….

Since I LOVE jewelry and have a considerable collection, I decided that I should try to put together something that would properly display my favorite pieces, rather than keeping them lumped in trays.  I happened to find a very cool silver metal Moroccan frame for a song.  The frame originally held a mirror, but the glass shattered, so I got the frame for 40 euros (about $55) – not bad for a frame that’s 90cm x 120cm (or about 3 feet x 4 feet)!   I also bought some khaki linen fabric from an art store (about 20 euros or $28) and a piece of poster board to fit the frame (about 4 euros or $6).  All of my other supplies were normal household items – scissors, stapler, small nails, a hammer.

my excellent find from Sentou Paris

gathering supplies

because of the breadth of my jewelry collection, I chose a neutral backdrop for my display

step 1: take apart the frame

step 2: cut the fabric so there's about an inch of extra fabric on all four sides of the poster board

step 3: pull the fabric taut across the poster board and then staple it on all four sides

step 4: place the poster board into the frame

take a break: doesn't the wrapping tape look like a colorful piece of art when stuck to a white wall?

step 5: hammer small nails into the sides of the frame so that the nails are parallel to the frame. this keeps the poster board and backing board in place.

step 6: evaluate your work

complete + ready for jewelry!

violà! my giant gem display. although it fits only a fraction of my pieces.....

Wishing you a weekend full of inspiration!

À lundi ~