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Northern Grade pop-up shop

4 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to attend my first Northern Grade show in Minneapolis.  Northern Grade is a pop-up shop for men’s heritage brands – J.W. Hulme, Pierrepont Hicks, Duluth Pack, Red Wing Shoes, and many more.

When I arrived and saw where the event is held – at Architectural Antiques – I was over-the-top excited.  What a genius idea to display classic, USA-made men’s brands among beautiful, classic antique and vintage pieces!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, just my iPhone, so my photos don’t do the show justice, but here are some shots, anyway:


J.W. Hulme display

Red Wing Shoes display

Red Wing Shoes’ “booth”

satchels at Northern Grade

men’s button-downs are displayed below an antique chandelier

plaids galore

shirts and antique sconces

fixtures + satchels

Love this gramophone speaker!

Because no menswear event would be complete without one.

antique dressform

Northern Grade is held twice yearly and is the brainchild of the Pierrepont Hicks founder.  Bravo!


Northern Grade will have a pop-up in Chicago on October 27, 2012:



À bientôt,



Field Trip: Red Wing Shoes

24 Sep

The girls and I recently headed down to Hastings and Red Wing, Minnesota.  Red Wing being, of course, the HQ of heritage brand Red Wing Shoes (which have become extremely hipster as of late).

Here’s a brief tour of the shop:

Red Wing Shoes owns the Guinness World Record for the largest boot!

upstairs is the company’s own Shoe Museum

all of the sizes that Red Wing Shoes’ work boots are made in (plus custom orders, I’m sure)

one of the early sewing machines used to stitch boots

in the basement is the outlet – with row after row of shoes & boots

Boops tries on a pair

a custom bench, sporting the company’s logo

À demain,


Spring Blossoms on the (Fashion) Runway

14 Sep

I’ve been following the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion shows in New York and I have some early faves.  This stunning outfit from Oscar de la Renta took top billing with me.  There’s so much to love here: vibrant pink (fuchsia!), a sophisticated silhouette, lace and a beaded collar necklace, pink hair streaks…

photo via

I haven’t yet indulged in a lace top, but seeing that they’re back for spring, I think I will!  And in bright color, of course!

À lundi,


Friday inspiration: Osman for Fall

24 Aug

For today’s Friday Fashion, I pulled out a look I loved from Osman‘s Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection (look 3).

photo by Alessandro Viero for via

It’s got color and a certain “punch”, but is actually pretty simple: slim pants and a loose jacket over a white tee = easy chic!

Bon weekend!


Easy Summer Dress-ing

14 Aug

My assignment today: find an “easy, late-summer dress”.  In other words, a dress that’s casual enough to wear without make-up and without frills – no belts, special bras, etc.  I consider “easy” to be “easy on the wallet”, too – inexpensive to purchase and to maintain (i.e. no “dry clean only”!).

I’ve noticed lots of bold, well-designed pieces from, and I know they have good prices, so I decided to check it out.  (Note: I have no promotional relationship with

Here are my Top 5 picks (all under $150!):

Looks easy, breezy. (Camo Print Sheer Dress by ASOS REVIVE)

Fun and colorful! (Tapestry Print Body Conscious Dress by Lipsy)

Almost too dressy to go without makeup in, but in cotton. (Tulip Cotton Dress by Oasis)

Bold & easy. (Tribal Circle Print Body Con Dress by River Island)

Loose & open – perfect for a steamy August day! (Wrap Dress with Belt by Warehouse.)

À bientôt,


Friday Fashion: “I love my…” black linen shorts

3 Aug

For this week’s Friday Fashion, I’m ripping a page from People StyleWatch and their “I love my…” section, which shows photos of stylish celebs repeatedly wearing the same item (a dress, a handbag, a pair of shoes, earrings..).

In looking through my photos of this summer, I noticed a trend.  Although I wore almost exclusively dresses for the last two summers living in Paris, I’ve found myself gravitating toward shorts. And since I only own one pair of shorts, I’m wearing these black linen babies A LOT.  And frugal frannies, check me out: I bought these shorts when I worked at The Limited when I was in college – that was a good 15 years ago!  (Go me!!)





I’ve been thinking: maybe it’s time to buy another pair of shorts….

À lundi,


Dior Adores Mila

25 Jul

In case you missed it, Mila Kunis will take a second turn in this fall’s Lady Dior ads, which will be appearing in high-fashion mags worldwide next month.  Apparently season one went well, and Mila is back, but demure no more.  Rather than romantic and moody, Mila (and her bags) take center stage, being chased by the paparazzi.  In black and white!

photo: Mario Sorrenti via

photo: Mario Sorrenti via

Mila’s first season ads show a woman in quiet repose (and cocktail attire).

Spring 2012 ads.  Photos: Mikael Jansson for Christian Dior

And season 3?

À demain,