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Takin’ a Break

1 Aug

Happy August 1st!!  Yes, summer is sadly approaching its end.  But with every ending comes a new beginning…  I’m working on some exciting projects that will launch next month (including a new blog – stay tuned for that!).  Sooooo, this month I’ll be taking a break from daily blogging, and instead only be posting 2-3 times/week.

{what YOU should be doing – outdoors, enjoying the end of summer}


À bientôt,



Reading and Writing in Peace

26 Jul


In The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron recommends ending writer’s block by abstaining from reading for one week.  The idea is that it will force one to observe his or her surroundings, rather to be drawn into another’s thoughts.

I completely agree with the observation portion of that piece of advice.  Any time we remove ourselves from our daily distractions, our senses are heightens and our minds come up with new ideas.  (One reason why vacations are so mind-opening!)  I question the part about not reading, however.  At least for me.  The more I read great writing, the more I want to write, and the more my thoughts flow!

Case in point: this very moment.  I’m writing this post while up at my family’s cabin in northern Minnesota.  There’s no tv, no movies or electronic games, no internet. (And, of course, you’re reading the post a few days later because there’s no internet up here!)  So while I’m up here I’m actually reading much more than I do in the city, yet I find myself drawn to the computer to attempt a bit of decent prose.  Which I’m not sure I’ve achieved yet…

True, there are very, very few distractions up here.  Besides a vintage cabin with only a deck of cards and a few 1980s board games, it’s raining and there’s no shopping or entertainment to speak of in the nearby town.  That kind of withdrawal from modern life certainly helps sharpens one’s observations, and the reading that I’ve been catching up on is fueling my writing, rather than detracting from it.

earlier in the week, before the rain set in…

sunset. too bad you can’t hear the loons calling in the background.

Hope you didn’t mind a bit of rambling today ; )

À demain,


New Crush: 4-Door Mini Cooper

24 Jul

My boyfriend has been telling me for months how great the 4-door Mini Cooper is.  ‘Yeah, yeah’, I said.  They’re so SMALL.  Not that I’ve ever driven an SUV or anything, but Minis are both small in size and stature.  I loved my tiny VW Polo Match that I had in Paris.  It was a dream to park, but with 4 doors and a hatch-back, it had adequate space for 4 adults or the ability to haul most things (including every piece of furniture we bought at Ikea minus the double mattress).

Back in the U.S., I’ve been cruising around in my parents’ sedan, a roomy 4-door with huge trunk.  The big drawback – no hatchback.  Which means that I have been compelled to forego many occasional sale furniture purchases.  I am thus determined to once again have a vehicle that can haul things.

Enter the 4-door Mini Cooper.  I wouldn’t have believed it, but I think I might have found my dream car.  I will repeat that.  DREAM car.  I’m not shelling out any money right now, nor is my boyfriend.  But when we do, this might be it.  Although not as luxurious (i.e. roomy) as many standard American sedans, it has decent space in the front seat (which is most important to me!), decent backseat space (which I’ll use to throw my shopping bags into, or occasionally human passengers), as well as a hatchback with fold-down seats.  So I can haul at least most pieces of furniture.  The trinity!  Discovered at last!

Oh, and the 4-door Mini is higher off the ground than the classic 2-door versions, so they’ll be much better in snow, on dirt roads at the cabin, etc.

Just look at that beauty.  Perhaps someday it will be mine….


For now I have to be content to borrowing my parents’ car.  But someday…..


À demain,