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Northern Grade pop-up shop

4 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to attend my first Northern Grade show in Minneapolis.  Northern Grade is a pop-up shop for men’s heritage brands – J.W. Hulme, Pierrepont Hicks, Duluth Pack, Red Wing Shoes, and many more.

When I arrived and saw where the event is held – at Architectural Antiques – I was over-the-top excited.  What a genius idea to display classic, USA-made men’s brands among beautiful, classic antique and vintage pieces!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, just my iPhone, so my photos don’t do the show justice, but here are some shots, anyway:


J.W. Hulme display

Red Wing Shoes display

Red Wing Shoes’ “booth”

satchels at Northern Grade

men’s button-downs are displayed below an antique chandelier

plaids galore

shirts and antique sconces

fixtures + satchels

Love this gramophone speaker!

Because no menswear event would be complete without one.

antique dressform

Northern Grade is held twice yearly and is the brainchild of the Pierrepont Hicks founder.  Bravo!


Northern Grade will have a pop-up in Chicago on October 27, 2012:



À bientôt,



Field Trip: Red Wing Shoes

24 Sep

The girls and I recently headed down to Hastings and Red Wing, Minnesota.  Red Wing being, of course, the HQ of heritage brand Red Wing Shoes (which have become extremely hipster as of late).

Here’s a brief tour of the shop:

Red Wing Shoes owns the Guinness World Record for the largest boot!

upstairs is the company’s own Shoe Museum

all of the sizes that Red Wing Shoes’ work boots are made in (plus custom orders, I’m sure)

one of the early sewing machines used to stitch boots

in the basement is the outlet – with row after row of shoes & boots

Boops tries on a pair

a custom bench, sporting the company’s logo

À demain,


Junk Bonanza is here!

13 Sep

I rarely do this, but for today’s blog, I’m posting a link to one of my other blogs, The Occasional Saler.  I’ll think you’ll appreciate the photos of the Junk Bonanza event that’s going on here in the Twin Cities….


Check out a preview of the great vintage finds at Junk Bonanza here!

À demain,


Gothic Chic

12 Jul

I was out doing my ‘occasional saling’ (be sure to check out my blog: The Occasional Saler!) last weekend, and I found this little vignette at the Second Hand Rose sale.


It reminded me of gothic décor from Belgium or the Netherlands: the heavy, dark chest, gilt frames, brass candlesticks, a cross.

I love it when shop owners ‘get it right’ and inspire us ~ sigh ~

À demain,


Antique Archaeology Adventure

27 Jun

My boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip from New Orleans (his hometown) to Minneapolis (my hometown).  I’ll share little tidbits in the coming days, don’t worry ; )

Anyway, one obligatory stop was in LeClaire, Iowa.  Where?!, you say.  LeClaire is a town on the western bank of the Mississippi River in Iowa, just across the river from Illinois.  It’s essentially a suburb, or a town surrounding, the Quad Cities of Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa and Moline and Rock Island in Illinois.  My dad is actually from Moline, so it was neat to at least drive through the town – I hadn’t been there in years.

So, back to LeClaire.  It is an antique town, meaning that there are tons of antique shops there (about 1 shop for every 10 inhabitants).  It’s also the home of Antique Archaeology, the store owned by Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of History Channel’s American Pickers.  We didn’t find any antique treasures (they specialize in what I consider “guy stuff”, like motorcycles and tools, whereas I prefer Florentine serving trays and gilt mirrors), but I did pick up a neat American Pickers posters.

And no, Mike and Fritz were not there – they were out pickin’.  Danielle wasn’t in, either.  Boo.  Maybe next time…

{that’s me in front of the Antique Archeology “mascot”}


À demain,


Pic of the Day: Farm Chic Storage

15 Jun

It’s Friday, so I’m keeping this sweet & simple.  While checking out an occasional sale recently, I saw something rather genius.  I have to tell you, these occasional sale ladies do an incredible job with their displays, so I see great ideas all the time – which I will continue to share.

This Pic of the Day is from La La Land in Chaska, MN.  I love the mix of down-home and elegant:


Yes, those are champagne flutes on a heavy-duty rake.  What a cool display idea!  (And a lot cheaper than a fancy wine glass rack 😉

Bon weekend!

À lundi,


Material inspiration from John Robshaw

11 Jun

No trip to New York City is complete without a stop at ABC Home.  No matter what one’s decorating tastes, there’s something for everyone at ABC.  Although not necessarily for every budget – which is why I go to collect inspiration.

I bought a chaise lounge recently (at an occasional sale, of course!) and must get it recovered (it’s devastatingly ugly).  I’m shopping around for ideas about what direction to go for upholstery.  Solid?  Stripes?  Neutral?  Bright?  Pattern?

I’ve long been obsessed with Indian and Central Asian textiles and thought this bench in the John Robshaw corner at ABC Home was divine….

day bed_chaise lounge upholstery_Indian fabric



I’m not committed – yet – to using a bright, exotic pattern, but I’m strongly considering it….

À demain,