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Gothic Chic

12 Jul

I was out doing my ‘occasional saling’ (be sure to check out my blog: The Occasional Saler!) last weekend, and I found this little vignette at the Second Hand Rose sale.


It reminded me of gothic décor from Belgium or the Netherlands: the heavy, dark chest, gilt frames, brass candlesticks, a cross.

I love it when shop owners ‘get it right’ and inspire us ~ sigh ~

À demain,



Pic of the Day: Farm Chic Storage

15 Jun

It’s Friday, so I’m keeping this sweet & simple.  While checking out an occasional sale recently, I saw something rather genius.  I have to tell you, these occasional sale ladies do an incredible job with their displays, so I see great ideas all the time – which I will continue to share.

This Pic of the Day is from La La Land in Chaska, MN.  I love the mix of down-home and elegant:


Yes, those are champagne flutes on a heavy-duty rake.  What a cool display idea!  (And a lot cheaper than a fancy wine glass rack 😉

Bon weekend!

À lundi,


Cool Idea: Protect Plants from Pets…Beautifully…

4 Jun

I have two cats.  Two cats who LOVE to eat plants.  Unfortunately, they throw up EVERY SINGLE TIME they eat plants.  So it’s not a good situation for the cats, or for we humans who have to clean up the vomit.  I’ve tried everything to keep them out of the foliage – putting a little “fence” around the greens, using “Bitter Yuck” spray, spraying them with water when I see them at the plants…nothing has worked.  So the only solution has been to choose a room that is 100% off-limits to the cats, and put all of the greens inside, where I can admire them when I’m in that room.  Rather sad.

Then I came across something intriguing at an occasional sale last month.  I found a vintage sign holder that was beautifully weathered, with a gorgeously patina-ed base and a tag reading “plant holder”.  Aha!  Those clever occasional sale gals – of course, the perfect plant stand!  And when I realized that it could be, in fact, an anti-cat plant stand, I snapped it up.

The stand is ideal – it’s attractive, itself, and because it’s constructed of thin metal rods, it’s “barely there” visually.  I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day and she has it in front of a window by the front door.  It’s so pretty – the light green of the fern’s leaves gently obscure the neighbor’s house across the street, but otherwise it’s minimalist (and chic!).

Amelia, defeated by the plant stand

Oh, and it should work for dogs or any other four-legged pets, too!

À demain,


PS. I got my lovely stand at The Bee Cottage in Excelsior, MN.